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Amanda Sarah Barry: DOB 3-29-95 (born on her due date)
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"Dr. Seuss"
Since Joshua was born, Amanda use to like to read (pretend to read) to him while he was in his swing. And of course, Joshua loved to listen to her as he would swing. One time Amanda was "reading" a Dr. Seuss book to him. When she finished, she got up from her chair and picked up her children's bible from the table. She went back to her seat in front of Joshua's swing and sat down. When she opened up the book she said,"Jesus, by Dr. Seuss."

"I Saw Jesus"
We all went out to eat at an Italian restaurant called "The Red Devil" here in Phoenix. The Hispanic waiter's name tag said "Jesus" (a common Mexican name that's pronounced Hay-zus). But when Amanda saw his name tag, her eyes bulged out and just look at us in amazement. She never met anyone whose name was Jesus. So when he left for a few minutes, she commented that she just saw Jesus. Sarah and I just laughed. Then she said, and he works at 'The Red Devil.'"

"Simple Math"
My wife Sarah was in the kitchen holding a pan of cornbread. There was only one piece left and so Sarah, attempting to teach Amanda some simple math, asked Amanda, "if I take one piece of cornbread out, what do I have left?" Amanda looked at her, thought about it and said, "crumbs?"

"The Fortune Cookie"
One of our favorite places to eat Chinese food when we lived in Houston was Express Wok. We had just finished lunch and were driving home. We told Amanda to save her fortune cookie, which was still sealed in wrap, until we got home so she wouldn't get it all over the back seat. A few minutes later, we heard a crunch-crunch sound. We couldn't believe she diliberately disobeyed us by eating the cookie! Amanda has always been very obedient so this shocked us. As soon as Sarah turned around Amanda quickly replied with, "it was an accident." We both laughed so hard that we couldn't sucessfully discipline her after that.

"Did You Go?"
Everynight before Amanda goes to bed, we go through the same ritual. We always make sure that she uses the restroom so that she won't have any accidents in the bed during the middle of the night. One night, I didn't see Amanda use the restroom so I asked her "Amanda, did you go pee-pee?" She said, "Yes." Doubting her answer, I asked her again "When did you go?" She replied quickly "When I was in the restroom."

"Excuse Me?"
We have always taught Amanda to say "Excuse me" for two things: if she wanted to talk to an adult and they were already talking, or if she passed gas. Well, my mother was with Amanda one day and was talking to her friend. Amanda proceeded to interupt their conversation. My mother said, "Amanda, say 'Excuse me.'" Amanda looked at her confused, and said, "I didn't fart."

"Are You Upset?"
Like all couples, there are times when Sarah and I will not always agree on something. This sometimes happens when we are driving in the car with Amanda in the back seat listening closely. When the little debate is over, everyone in the car will become quiet. Amanda, trying to break the silence, asked me "Daddy, are you upset?" Feeling like I have to reply and not wanting to explain anything to Amanda I say, "No." She waits a few seconds and ask me again, "Are you mad?" I tell her no and try to not let her know what's going on. She asks again, "Are you happy?" Now this begins to bother me so I tell her "No Amanda, I'm not upset, mad or happy." She paused for a few seconds and asked me "Then what are you?"

"I Wasn't As Lucky"
After our newest child, Megan, was born, Amanda, our first born six year old told us, "Megan is really lucky because a lot of people love her like me and Joshua and you and mommy. I guess I wasn't as lucky because when I was born only you and mommy loved me -- and a few other people."

Horses in Jail
Amanda and I were driving by a prison when she was about three years old and I explained to her what a prison was and that bad people went there when they got into trouble. Then she saw the guard's horses and said, "What did the horses do wrong?"

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